• my best friend xp
    your best friend too sweatdrop
    love my best friend xd
    I will love your's 3nodding
    come to me for help ninja
    i have a heart for you heart
    to pour your fellings into crying
    also I have a shivering shoulder whee
    because my shoulder is yours to cry on cry
    I hug my buddy xp
    to cheer her up blaugh
    i'll make her shiver too whee
    pour feelings in her heart crying
    we will laugh rofl
    we will cry cry
    we will be mad scream
    so I tell you now confused
    whatever is mine 4laugh
    it's yours too sweatdrop
    when you cry cry
    I don't mind, 3nodding
    but cry on my shoulder eek
    I want us to be closer as friends xd
    I want to know if you love me heart
    like I love you heart heart heart
    because buddy we're more than that wink
    we're best friends forever and all enternity xd
    and nobody can copy that xp
    that's just us not anyone else ninja
    whatever is mine is yours bffaae xd xd xd xd