• I'm so tired of being in love all by myself
    I've learned to forgive, but I can't learn to forget
    I still carry around this pain all the time
    I'm not ready to move on just yet
    I'm not sure I'll ever be ready

    I've just given up
    I'm face down on the ground
    You left me broken hearted
    Alone and empty I was found

    They asked me what is wrong darling
    I never looked them in the eye
    What was wrong was that my heart was gone
    All because he said goodbye

    I can't deal with this anymore
    I don't think I'm strong enough to do it
    All I can do is lie to myself and others
    And pretend I'm not going to lose it

    Are you not satisfied with breaking me once?
    Back and forth, day and night, love and hate
    I've been wondering all these years
    Am I the fish or am I the bait?

    I begged for him to stay
    He was all I had ever prayed for to arrive
    But I had not prayed for this heart break
    And now it's a struggle just to survive
    And counting down the minutes till I'm alone
    It is no way to be alive

    So darling try to keep breaking me into pieces
    You are the bug and I'm the host
    Then there will come the day you are finished
    That's the day I'll fear the most