• Containing all the lies,
    Within every little truth.
    Consuming evil of the god,
    tainted worship to a fraud.

    Through the open windows,
    held behind the closed doors.
    Beyond the sidewalk cracks,
    down the darkened street,
    and around the lit corners.

    From the city of nothingness,
    seeking the state of mind.
    Lost in an endless abyss,
    this old town never missed.

    Flat and spacious land,
    ravaged near and far of fruit.
    Thieved of nutrients by man,
    stained by the labored war.

    Forever tainted soil reaped,
    forgotten promises made.
    Divine punishment over ruled,
    turned quarrel forced through.

    Developed hatred seeking feed,
    memory finally devouring me.

    Costly choice of chosen voice,
    wrecking chance of the U.S.

    War filled with rocky decisions,
    ruined lives of dreams and wishes,
    faith lost to those losing hope.

    Forgiveness forgotten by all sin,
    no more within the human race.