• What have I done
    What happened to this life I am living
    Have I turned down the fellings inside of me
    Or have my feelings turned me down
    Does it look like I'm living a happy life
    Its all full of depression
    I have kept lies from my family and friends
    My parents don't know whats wrong with me
    I feel like a knife just cut me open and took my heart out and put nails into it
    It just hurts
    Like getting your first tattoo
    I don't want to commit suicide
    But when you look into my eyes
    Just stare at them
    You'll see them turn balck
    The sun doesn't shine on me anymore
    All I'm left with is this shadow
    My only confort
    I hope I will get better
    I pray to God every night
    I just have to wait
    Don't make the same mistakes I made