• oh yes i love her like oh yes i love her like
    i say i love her like no man could ever whatever
    whenever through the good and the bad
    weather body soft as leather booty like the
    sun and my hands stay on her hips cuz i stay
    on that a** like an eclipse no words in the
    vocab can describe her lips and how soft her kiss
    the first thing i miss when she gone body soft as
    foam attitude hard as stone im here but im never
    home alone cant you hear her moan cuz like da beat
    it go on and on shorty hallin out the moon when
    the moon is gone i keep her up let till the early morn
    stretch that p***y out like a child is bein born i
    leave her wet so shorty will miss me when im gone
    the streets and her my hearts no longer torn cuz she
    is my rose and the streets was my thorn so just lay her
    beside me when im gone gone gone oh yes i love her like
    oh yes i love her like i say i love her like more than i could ever
    love anyone family got money so she dont need anyone
    i still dont really know what the hell she need me for
    but when im gone she let me know dat she be need'in more
    she calls me home takes off my clothes as i walk through the
    door but its not sex for some reason it seem like more
    cuz usually i hit a chick once and then im gone
    but when we get done i feel like im at home she say dat when
    she inma arms it feel like nothing can go wrong and when
    im wit out her nothing can go right so i squeeze her tight all
    through the night through hell we will fight but we go through
    hell to get through heaven doors but only god really knows whats in store
    but what i know is that no more that no man could ever love her
    more becuz i love her like love her like like like