• Love is beauty
    Love is might
    It guides the hopeless
    Through the night.
    A night of blackness
    Dark and deep,
    Where bad things happen,
    Like starvation and greed.

    Love is like lightning,
    One hit and it kills
    But brings you back to life
    On your darkest of hours.
    Love is light,
    Clean and bright.
    Cleansing your sole
    For love you fight

    The reason I'm here
    Living and real
    I loved once
    But it scarred me for life
    But I will love again
    I promise you that
    What won't kill you
    Can make you stronger.

    Though I'm not as strong
    as I pretend to be
    One little name
    will leave me in tears
    You call me weak
    But all that I know
    Your the weak one
    The one who hasn't loved.