• Temptaions are the proudest tricks
    With silver gloves and a purple mask
    Taking props and everyones money
    In an old fashion black top hat
    Mystic and wonder
    illusions and splendor
    Just watch his hands
    We must respect the mesmer

    Such power and life
    More magical than I
    The deviant disguise
    Leaves us more suprises
    He whispers and chants
    We fall into the trance
    Deep in my mind
    My Fantasy comes alive
    A stardom of fame
    The band is on the way
    This is the best feeling ever
    We must respect the mesmer

    I reopen my eyes
    Only to see
    Some chain and shackles
    All around me
    We were fooled
    By the wicked gypsy
    Enslaved to a cause
    Because we respected the mesmer