• If I gave you the world well what would you do?
    Give me a dollar or two?
    If I gave you my life what would you care?
    Care of me or not so?
    If I told you I loved you what would you do?
    Tell me the same or throw me away?

    Well, I never thought I'd still be in love with you
    I gave you us time and I left you alone
    But you never once left my mind
    You'd think that this'd get easy the farther we go (Oh no)
    But it just seems to me its getting harder with every song

    If I sang you a song would you come to me?
    Or laugh at me and just tell me to leave?
    If I gave you a painting what would you care?
    Keep it or throw it back to me?
    If I kissed your mouth what would you do?
    Smack me or tell me you love me to?


    I wish that I could give you the world
    Even for a dollar or two
    And I wish that you could see
    How much I want you to want me