• Loved mem'ries, can't remember,/
    in this dark and bleak December./

    January's wint'ry arms,/
    have lashed about,/
    and caused much harm./

    February's so-said "Love spell"'s/
    gone forever, deep in-to hell./

    March's fleeting height of whimzy,/
    gone to Hell on wings so flimsy./

    April's light, Devour'd by darkness./
    What was nice, now houses heartless./

    May has gone, chased off by evil./
    Ever gone, because of people./

    June does live, but much in sorrow./
    Fearing what will come tomorrow./

    July's mirth has shrunk in glory,/
    all because we loved him poorly./

    August's timeless fancy's dwindling./
    Shrinking down, like burning kindling./

    September's heart is growing smaller,/
    Shrinking like it's famous day./
    Killing her in ev'ry way./

    October's fear is growing stronger./
    Ruling him with horrid dreams./
    He sleeps no longer, always fearing./
    Fearing what the darkness brings./

    November's king-like rule o'er seasons,/
    Lost to humans, with no soul./
    Lost to mem'ries, lost to legend./
    Lost to people's selfish goals./

    December's left, alone and weary./
    Weeping in the night, so dreary./
    Leaving one to fend her own./
    Time for the world to reap what's sown./
    11 gone, and one not shown./
    I wish to God they would've known./