• I never shoulda let my gaurd down, >_<
    I wish I nevah knew all the things I found out,
    I wish I've woulda been more careful,
    And maybe I shouldn't be?, Runnin' from misery, Oh no.~T-T

    In the beginning gave me everything I need and moree..
    I'm tired of dealing, Gotta figure out how to even the score..
    It's payback, Gotta make 'im feel it!
    For playing w/ my feelin's, Lady's I'ma tell it all :/

    Be on the lookout when he's coming to yer area,
    I fell in love with him once, girls, I'm tellin' yaa..~
    I wish I knew what I know now, I swear
    I would've never went down... >_> ..

    DANGEROUS!He'll steal yer heart away, then runaway..
    He's dangerousss..Protect your heart, He'll tear apart.. D<

    I didn't see the crash that burnt the bridge,
    I didn't see the missile that sank my love ship..DOWN.
    Oh I felt the hit, It was hard as a brick..
    It made me shift, and left me damaged... T-T

    Dealing with the pain was so hard O-O
    I can't believe the things that left me scarred..
    And now it's payback, Gotta make 'im feel it,
    He wish he never did it, But it's too late to turn it around. > biggrin

    Be on the lookout when he's comin' to your area,
    I fell in love with him once, Girls I'm tellin' yaa.~ >_<
    I wish I knew what I know now, I swea I would've never went down..

    DANGEROUS!!He'll steal your heart away..Then run away,
    He's dangerousss, Protect jo' heart, He'll tear it APART! T-T

    I wish I never fell in love then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much >_>
    Inside I tried to..*Keep it in*, My heart is SCREAMIN' for revenge! >]
    Caution me before you cross, You never know *What's up ahead*
    Don't let him trap you up, And get your love because he's Dangerous..

    DANGEROUS!!He'll steal your heart away, Then runaway,
    He's dangerousss... Protect your heart heart , He'll tear it apart..!
    Dangerous, He'll steal your heart away and run and play,
    He's dangeroouuss, Protect your heart heart , He'll tear it apart!~