• Dreams
    Wishes our hearts make...

    As we sleep, our minds
    Weave together a wonderful tapestry
    That we have entitled

    The Dreamers
    Enter a new world
    Full of possibilities and wonder
    Are brought to life
    All within the deep recesses
    Of our hearts

    The Dreamers
    Dream dreams of all kinds
    Some pleasant memories:
    Our Childhoods and our pasts
    Our Futures and the wonder it holds
    Our favorite memories whatever they might be
    And some incredible scenarios that could never happen
    While we walk the realm of those who are awake
    Our wildest fantasies come to life

    The Dreamers
    Do not all dream
    Pleasant dreams
    Some of us our dreams
    Turn into Nocturnal Merkabahs (Nightmares)
    Our worst fears brought to life
    Visual in our mind eyes
    Waking us from our etheral slumbers
    In a cold sweat

    Worry not my fellow Dreamers
    Although we walk a fine line between
    Dreams and Awakening
    We shall dream again
    Do not let the fear of Nocturnal Merkabahs
    Keep you from your birthright
    Your Dreams

    Are the Dreamers
    Those few individuals whose dreams
    Can change the world
    With their wild night time visions
    When brought to life

    Sometimes even those dreams
    We believe that could never come to pass
    Those wild visions, those unbelievable hopes
    Come true
    Those wishes your heart make
    Might one day become real
    And at that point you will
    Have achieved something that
    Many people only can hope for...
    You, the Dreamer,
    Will live your Dream

    "We the Dreamers, those etheral visionaries, dream. We who walk the fine line between fantasy and reality, in the realm where our imagination is the only limit, will continue to dream. While you sleep, we walk that plain between Dreams and Awakening, granting the world its symphony for the soul. Never forget to dream, Dreamer. Never forget. Dreams are wishes your heart makes, in your mind. And sometimes...those dreams manifest themselves in the Realm of Awakening, your wildest fantasy made real for you to live. So Dreamers...dream."