• i wonder
    i sit here and wonder,are you here?
    watching my every move
    like your hunting a deer.
    is this a game?
    do you not care how i feel?
    do you not have any drop of guilt
    about what happend that year?

    are you watching me as i sit here?
    my pen flying across this paper.
    you gaze it like a poisonous vapor

    it haunts my every move.
    it throws off my grove
    this feeling i have,i just dont

    its like you planed this from
    the very beginning.
    treating me like i have no meaning

    you show up at my house.
    like an uninvited rat.
    thinking you deserve a pat
    on the back.
    im sorry buddy but it just dont
    work like that.

    these words im useing.
    its like their talking.
    if maybe i can get you to
    then you’ll finely start

    how do you live with yourself?
    its a wonder you dont melt
    those wheels in your head
    i know love to spin
    around and around the go
    like how water will flow

    tick tock goes my clock
    saying dear me why this knot
    tell me how tell me why
    and would you like some talking pie?
    is this just a dare?
    the way you act?
    the way you stare...