• There are situations in life where your soul is in ache
    but when it has been in ache for so long
    all you feel is the numbness of wat once ran through your body and mind as emotions.
    Yet the interesting thing is.....the real pain isn't the ache in your soul ,but it is the numbness....it drives you insane to the point where your mind is screaming in agony just from sheer lack of emotion or interest. It's what you would call becoming a walking dead man. Your there but at the same time you aren't. Your heart beats and your mind thinks but the thoughts are hollow. They have no purpose other than to keep you from losing your mental capabilities. Another name for it is a reverse comma. Normally in a comma. The body is incapacitated, but the mind is not. But in this case, the body is working fine but, the mind is emotionally incapacitated. That person has no purpose for living. Each breath they take is in vain, because that person has nothing to offer society or himself.