• If we could be
    If we could see
    If we could live
    If we could love
    Without consequence
    Without hurt
    Without pain
    But that would never be

    If she could see
    The pain she inflicts
    The hurt in my eyes
    The tears of sorrow
    Would she change?
    Would it help?
    Would it satisfy?
    It could never be.

    If we were together
    What would we do?
    What would we say?
    Do you love me?
    Do you hate me?
    Will you answer?

    What pain would we go through
    When I left?
    Do you hurt?
    Do you feel?
    If I knew, would I ask?
    Will you answer?

    How will we live?
    How can we love?
    When will we see
    Each other?
    The other side?
    How will we endure the pain
    Of love?
    Will you answer?

    You say you lack
    You lack love.
    What is the pain then?
    What is this wonderful;
    This terrible feeling?
    How can there be such a feeling?
    Will we live?
    Will you answer?
    My call;
    I love you.