• Staring out
    as i sit in darkness staring out, i see all.
    i see the lambs following the gods, i see the fooled following the foolish.blindly they stare to me, and i wonder why, is it because they want to know me, or is it because they are staring right through me and just have the strange feeling that something,someone is longing for a light in this dark tunnel of judgment.i see all but they don't see me.I do not envy them, i pity them.For all they know and observe is what they are told they can ,nothing more.
    i fear not hell , i am already there.you know not the pain

    looking in
    As i stare into this abyss,this dark cave ,i see nothing but feel a Piercing feeling of despair and i feel a veil of darkness.and i flee this realm and leave the poor soul inside to suffer yet more.yet i know i would refuel, rejuvenate the soul inside with one word "hi". all that is needed to get to the poor soul and pull it out of the hell of judgments, is kindness in a heart.yet i do nothing,for i have been taught to fear the darkness.
    i mourn for the soul in the dark hell.