• I miss you
    I want you
    I need you
    I love you

    Its been so long
    Since I left
    Since we last saw each other
    Since we were happy.
    Since I was whole.

    I'll never be happy
    Without you beside me
    But when you are
    I feel loved,
    and most importantly,
    I feel whole.

    I miss you.
    I miss the warmth of my soul.
    I miss the happiness of life.
    I miss the smile on my face,
    On yours.
    I miss the chunk of my heart you took.
    I want to be whole.
    I can't when we're apart.

    I want my heart back.
    I need to be whole
    But I can't.
    I'm bleeding all over
    But we can't do a thing.
    We're helpless.
    You can't give it back.
    You can't make me whole.
    Not now
    But soon
    I hope.
    Please, I plea,
    Put me together
    Make me whole.