• I wish that love wasn't so powerful.
    So you can control it as you please.
    I'm tired of this dumb curse.
    I can't stand my broken dreams.

    Standing slightly to the left
    Is the one I'm ment for
    But he's gone for good because of her
    Carried in a box and out the door.

    Why did he do that?
    It's all her fault.
    I hate love cause it wounds.
    So put me away where it can't get me.
    Like in a vault.

    I'm sick of all the broken dreams
    I want to be with you.
    But I can't.
    So please for get this memory.
    Because I just won't make it threw.

    Your perfect smile
    Your sweet face
    I'm not like you,
    Why'd you love me in the first place.