• I love lawyers, or at least i did
    Especially when I heard that
    The bad guy’s gone for good
    The single mother won her court case
    The serial killer has been executed
    And will never return to kill anymore
    The filthy restaurant has been sued
    And now they are working hard
    To keep their business clean and healthy
    There was a restraining order put
    On the creepy stalker
    He can no longer follow me around

    All these things show that law is great
    and thats what i thought too
    i wanted to be a lawyer someday
    but now my dream is lost
    because i can no longer achieve it

    one day i was bored
    i went to get supplies
    matches, gasoline, newspaper
    i burned down a house
    the flames flickered high and low
    i smiled and sniffed the fumes
    don't call me stupid
    for i could prove you wrong
    just because i didn't leave and let the police get me
    i got to light my first fire
    and when i leave this dump
    I'll light another and another
    until no more houses are left on this world
    I'll light the forests and the streams
    someday I'll learn to put fire to the ocean too

    and the world would be like a living hell
    and I'd be the ruler
    I'm the super fire fighter
    and I'll fight anyone that hates fire. twisted