• If I were to see you, right past your lies, per say.
    Now watch as my words, like daggers, come into play.
    I hate you, I love you, all I can say.

    Now, listen as these words begin to play.
    Like a melody in your mind, circle around you will find.
    I hate you much, I love you so.
    If you tried to leave, I'd beg you not to go.

    We all have a dark side, we all crave to say.
    The words, our mouths dry as night turns into day.

    We can all be dark, we can all hide pain.
    But if your hurting, talk to me, befor you go insane.

    I hear you, I'll hold you, hear me out, I plead!
    If your hurting, dont hurt yourself, as whats the point if you bleed?

    Do you see me? Do you hear me?
    Im waiting, your not alone.
    I feel your pain, maybe more pain.
    Then you'll ever feel, Love.