• I feel as if my life will never end
    The pain from my past still haunts me
    My message on suffering, I have hit send
    People can see me, why can't I see?

    I just gave up on myself
    I grab the shiny metal dagger
    I’m too proud to ask for any help
    My new self says that the devil can take her.

    I drag the sharpened blade across my cold skin
    The cold metal penetrates the vein
    A worm red liquid pours out as I think of him
    I cry yet I feel no pain

    Blood pours drips from my wrist
    My sheets are stained with blood forever
    My vision begins to blur with a sheer mist
    I can never turn back not ever

    My vision is now dark as night
    As I fade away I welcome the eternal calm
    As my breath and soul leave me I feel no fright
    I lie in my blood, my weapon of choice in my pain

    I'm happy, now I can do no wrong
    I know I'm in heaven, because I can hear my song.