• Out of the blue.
    I don't understand why all suddenly you're on my mind
    Its been days, weeks and months since that day that pass.
    I told myself its over, we're through being together.
    But why do I still think about you.
    We had our ups and downs but we faces it together until now.
    I could still hear your voice saying, that I was the only one for you and I'll tell you I can't live without you.
    No matter how much I try to erase you out of my mind my heart my soul.
    But tell you the truth that was the last thing I wanted to do cause I did not want to forget about you.
    How much we try to make it work but it was never meant to be for you and me.
    Guess it was just a dream that will never become reality.
    Guess I'm tell you that I still in love with you.
    But do you love me too?