• I count every hour till I see you again

    Hour one,my heart aches for your love

    Hour two,my arms start to miss you embrace

    Hour three,my eyes miss your handsome face

    Hour four,my skin misses your touch

    Hour five,my lips miss yours

    Hour six,my ears miss the sound of your voice

    Hour seven,Midnight has struck

    Hour eight,my heart fills with pain

    Hour nine,my arms curl up no longer open for you

    Hour ten,my eyes are closed no longer wanting to see you

    Hour eleven,my skin shrivels and breaks at the touch

    Hour twelve,my lips chap and are sore

    Hour thirteen,my ears are covered by my blanket

    I counted hours and hours but you never showed

    Now I am laying all alone

    In my room,on the floor

    Tears streaming from my face

    Now I know I will never see you again