• Memories
    and words you said
    passed through my over flowing

    Why did I even think there
    was something I could reap
    from being in love
    with you as I now weep

    My heart lays at the bottom
    of my chest
    black and cold and not at rest

    It no longer beats for anyone
    but you
    But you also are the one
    who caused the pain and
    suffering too

    It was too much for me
    you had moaned
    and I said we could take it slowly
    but you just groaned

    We were better as friends
    you said
    and I said that we were friends even now
    but you shook your head

    What does a blackened and useless heart do?
    Other than take up space
    and your last breath?

    And so now I die
    at the hands of this knife
    protruding from my chest
    that I thought could spare me the pain
    of hearing your voice again

    but you lean over me
    just like in the dream
    and when I look up into your
    eyes through the tears
    They are not mine, but yours

    I love you
    you say
    but I look away

    Why have you done this?
    you ask and I looked at you
    close enough to kiss

    You were to late to come back
    and tell me that I am yours
    and so broken was my heart
    it now is the lords.

    And as you weep
    over my shattered body
    and wasted life
    you pull out from my chest
    the long silver knife

    And join me now
    in the clouds above
    where we stay together
    in everlasting love.