• Love is like the wind It goes on and on, claiming thousands
    every day. Love carries itself around
    like the ocean’s wave, conquering everything
    In its way.
    Love is a strong emotion, making
    people’s feelings strong for each other.
    Love is the happiest thing 
that could ever happen to a
    person. For it can bind two
    partners for eternity.
    Love also hurts, for some misuse
    love to get to another person’s
    heart. By doing so, they feel no love
    for their victims’ and break their
    love in half; which leaves a painful
    bruise in the victim’s heart.
    Love is like a seed waiting to
    embed its roots to the ground and
    grow stronger each day. Love grows
    wider and wider each day like a
    blooming flower awaiting to grow
    its fruit and spread its seeds. heart