• If I had feathers, I'd ruffle them,
    Like the black feathers of a raven.
    If I had fangs, I would bare them,
    Like the fangs of a vampire.
    If I had claws, I would sharpen them,
    To that of a jaguar.
    If I had armor, it would protect me,
    Like the armor of a knight.
    If I had frills, they would be standing on end,
    Like the frills of a dragon.
    I am not to be messed with.

    If I had a knive, I would stab my enemies,
    Like a murderer.
    If I had a gun, I'd shoot my enemies,
    Like a soldier in battle.
    If I had a sword, I would stab my enemies,
    Much like a samurai would.
    If I had a staff, I would cast a curse,
    Like that of an evil witch.
    Do you really find this funny?

    But my body is changing as well...
    My shoulder blades feel like large, black blades...
    Bones replaced with blades,
    No feathers, scales, or skin...
    Just blades...
    What kind of anger is this?

    Nerve of a lion,
    Teeth of a vampire,
    Claws of a jaguar,
    Armor of a knight,
    Appetite for revenge of a dragon,
    Mind of a murderer,
    Wings of blades,
    Does my anger amuse you that much?

    Insults are like arrows,
    Slipping through the cracks of my armor,
    Angering my inner dragon,
    Out come the vampire fangs,
    Unsheathe that sword,
    Shoulder blades become bladed wings,
    Am I really that funny when angered?

    I liked you,
    I found a friend,
    But one fatal flaw is all it takes.
    Friendship to you may be something simple
    But to me, it's what keeps me alive.
    Nobody loves me,
    Everybody hates me,
    Everybody likes what I hate,
    I hate what everybody likes,
    I try, I really do!
    But what's the use?

    My blood feels like fire,
    Like the lava in a volcano,
    Born of lava, are rocks.
    Both big and small,
    Used by Native Americans for spear points,
    In my hand, I hold one of those very spears,
    Need I use it on you?

    Alas, it's in vain.
    Just another one like you.
    A traitor,
    A passerby,
    A messenger of gossip,
    An echo,
    A mumble,
    That's all you are.
    A mouthpiece for others, a mouthpiece for me.
    I'm dumping you right here.
    I don't need you.
    I speak for myself.
    I'll leave you with the haunting memory of my anger.
    And I guarantee, you will not like what you see...