• To be spat on by an enemy
    To lose a daughter's trust to one
    To then join sides with one
    This is no life to live

    To make a bond
    To a pound of flesh
    To almost lose it
    From ones left breast
    In the court of law
    From ones enemy
    "Therefore lay bare your bosom"
    What a wretched life to live

    To be a marigold
    In a field of roses
    From which every soul
    Holds there noses
    And when wilted
    To give whats left of mine
    To a traitor
    Deceiving ones flesh and blood
    To a hater
    This is a fate of which to wait

    "Let the forfeit be
    Nominated for
    An equal pound
    Of flesh"
    This enemy of mine
    Plots his vengance
    With my own death
    For I am a Christian
    Who spat on a Jew
    And I risk my life
    For my loyalty true

    I pardon thee
    Thy life before
    Thou ask it.
    For half of thy wealth
    It is Antonio's"
    To call this mercy
    Is more a sin
    Than the act I had once
    Committed to

    Who is the villain?
    Who is the victim?
    Enemy os mine
    Where dost thou stand?