• (verse 1)

    im still the boy she used to know

    slowly aging but my soul never grows old

    shes just the girl i used to seek

    i love the way she talks,

    the way she looks at me

    she styles her hair,

    with excessive flair

    she knows lifes a game

    its just no fair

    she needs no man

    to hold her down

    she just dont care

    whos been around

    lifes a b***h and shes been there


    she needs someone on her level

    she needs someone be that special someone

    shes moving fast, and i just wanna hold on

    shes too grown and i aint the only one


    shes too grown for me

    im just a big kid with dreams

    shes too grown for me

    shes too sweet and im too young

    to spend my life holding on

    shes just to grown for me...