• The Gaze

    Starlight skies illuminate void space.
    Once was the sun left its trace?
    I look out my place with a tear
    Idle with my thoughts and my fears.

    My heart struggles on with hope.
    My mind sometimes can’t cope.
    My soul knows that he is out there
    My Lord will bring him here.

    Until my reunion with my Prince
    I will stride forward with indifference.
    My Soul has been in Peril for so long
    Where is my twin Soul, what is wrong?

    I watch couples so in love and glee
    When will my soul mate come to me?
    As I sit here by my window and gaze.
    My thoughts leaving me in a drunken haze.

    I know my Lord is working on it.
    So alone I will wait and sit
    By my window looking outside
    In my empty castle I reside.

    For one day I will see that face
    Then no more will I stare into space.
    But stare into Loving eyes.
    And walk together in bright lit skies.