• You

    You let me cry on your shoulder
    You laugh with me all the time
    You sing to me when I am lonely
    You say what’s yours is mine

    You live for the moment
    You always take the risks
    You never ask any questions
    You say “its just for kicks!”

    You are a book
    You are filled with endless pages
    You let your feelings freely flow
    You stay undaunted by conformities cages

    You are superman
    You possess a hidden strength
    You know the world is dangerous
    You protect me at any length

    You were there for me when I lost myself
    You gave me the courage to go on
    You looked in my eyes
    You said “ Be strong…even when I am gone….”

    You aren’t beside me anymore…
    You aren’t here to hold back my tears…
    You have become a memory…
    You have become my greatest fear…

    I know those times were real
    I will never ever forget
    I‘ll always remember you
    Without the slightest regret