• I feel so alone
    Like I’m left here in the dark
    Too many choices to make
    And they’ve seemed to leave their mark

    I need someone beside me
    To stand here till the end
    Someone to be my brother
    One who I can call friend

    A friend who will understand
    The pain I may go through
    One to tell me “It’s okay”
    But their words still keep true

    I need someone to lead me
    To guide me on this path
    To help me make the choices
    So that I may last

    Last in a world full of pain
    Yet a world full of love
    A world full of Joy
    Happiness from above

    I need someone to love me
    One who will hold me tight
    Never let go
    And embrace me through the night

    Embrace me through the coldest winters
    And through the toughest storms
    One who will not leave my mind
    And dare not ever conform

    With these people surrounding me
    There will be no room for fear
    I may be surrounded by joy
    And not shed another tear

    Jon River ©