• Sittin' in ma' crib listenin' to ma gangsta rap
    I realize I'm all alone no one gives a crap
    so just listen to me while I bust this rhyme
    cause it's good fo you b***h, NOW GET BACK IN LINE!
    sittin' on twelve G's of steel and Chrome
    seein' all dem bitches lined up outside of my home
    ya'll been tryin' hard to get me to blow up
    like some damn taliban car bomber man what the ********!
    just get off ma back and gimme some damn space
    befo I bruce lee yo a** and chuck norris yo face
    ya might think that I just some dumbass wanksta
    but I'm the god of the Rhyme b***h, the original Gangsta!
    "BUT you's WHITE!!!"
    yeah so what of it? I don't go bangin yo mama's crib cause that just ain't right!
    Girl you tell me off like some cheap ten-cent hooka
    b***h I gave yo a** everything you even called me a looka
    so now you went and blew my heart all ova the stage
    but now guess what b***h, I'm the KING OF THE CAGE!