• The beginning of a change is approaching,
    I feel it's on the horizon.
    I am scared,
    Although not without expecting.

    My life will never return to its former being,
    That old me will be gone forever.
    Even though i will miss her greatly,
    I don't think it will take much healing.

    I will learn not to forget,
    But to look ahead and remember.
    Remember the good times,
    Remember the people i met.

    New things will start,
    It wont be easy.
    It will be an experience.
    And in the end i will look back on it all,
    Will I have followed my heart?

    Will I be changed as a person?
    Will I still be me on the inside?
    Will I be me doing better things?
    Will I be happy in the end?

    I shall no longer dwell on the past.
    Only looking forward,
    I will continue.
    I will reach the goal, what ever and where ever it is.
    Finally, at last.