• You left me alone in this world full of traps
    you made a wound grow inside my heart equal to the size of the sun
    and these wounds aren’t healing
    this pain is too painful and unfair

    Even after everything I did for you
    you left me alone in this world
    when you cried, I shed up the tears
    when you screamed, I fight all your fears

    When you were sick, I shed the pain inside you
    and I was always on your side
    I never let you be alone in this world
    for more painful it was

    Every day I try to fool me
    saying that one day you came back
    and I will never feel the lonely day

    I managed to fool me during these months
    But I realized that I must face this world without you being in it
    I understand that I’m not alone in this world
    And I’m sure that I'm finally free…