• Do you remember those times?
    Those times when we didn't fight?
    I miss those memories,
    I miss you and me.

    Those memories still make me smile,
    I think about those times every once in awhile.
    When I remember all those times you made me laugh,
    When I remember you were the one I could have.

    I miss those memories,
    Those memories of you and me,
    When I loved you, and you loved me,
    When we were both truly happy.

    But I guess memories are meant to be thrown away,
    I guess mistakes will always haunt those days.
    I'll still always miss what was true,
    I wonder if I could ever forgive you.

    I wonder if you think about them, as much as I do.
    Maybe not, maybe I'm just the one who,
    Will never really get over you.