• Happening
    (Verse 1)
    I breathe but I feel no relief
    I see but it makes no sense to me
    I hear but all I notice is this pain,
    This pain that you’ve caused, it’s not good for me

    I can’t believe this is happening
    I can’t believe this is happening
    But of course it is, and it’s happening to me
    Me of all, me of a-all

    (Verse 2)
    Did you have to do this?
    You couldn’t of thought,
    What it would be like if you hadn’t thought?
    If you had of just considered how happy it would’ve been for you and me, if you thought and fought to let it stay?


    (Verse 3)
    Couldn’t you have tried?
    Just taken a shot
    Let it not be a dare
    You could’ve made it fair

    Why now?
    Actions of one aren’t based on another


    (Verse 4)
    You say I’m more complicated
    But look at you
    Look at me
    And guess whose words, whose final decision brought us here


    (Ending few words)
    Think it through, think it through,
    Even though you said that, ha, surprisingly enough…I still love you.