• I hate math,
    numbers without names
    running like sugar rush,
    twisted inside my veins.
    It's all the same
    all over again.

    How easy it is for you to be safe,
    not caring for what begins
    to grow fast inside of me.
    It's a crime.
    A monstruous time,
    to get involved,
    to want you to be mine.

    Since the other day I knew.
    Knew you belonged to her.
    It's simple to absorb it in my head.
    It's like a knive stabbing me,
    making me bleed
    until I'm dry.

    I guess
    you ask yourself
    what this means with math.
    It's easy
    1+ 1= 2
    There it is.

    A circle of two.
    No one else can get in.
    That's the way it's supposed to be meant.
    Triangles can't be forced
    to turn into circles'
    I shouldn't wait for your heart to heal.
    I rather win
    by sealing the deal,
    with the solution
    of walking away.