• You sucked the black oil out of my lungs
    And let me float on weathered rocks
    The gulls pecked at my tainted memories
    To wake me from my blurred visions
    As I drank from my recycled bottle
    I tred the paths to the convient store
    And I picked up my life in isle three
    I opened the box and colors flew out
    They shimmered over the walls,
    Drifted toward the wooden floor
    and through the soles of my converse they did creep
    Vined up my legs and into my eyes.
    My whole skin exploded with shades of green
    Red, and orange.
    Yellow splotches formed next to blue
    And that pink shade I fear beams right over my heart.
    I no longer dread the day that colors will fade
    Because I know that I will hold them in my pores forever.