• We all need someone
    To talk to in our life,
    A friend to whom we run
    In times of stress or strife

    A friend who's always there
    Throughout the years,
    A friend we know will care
    And take away our fears.

    A friend who's always near,
    Waiting for our call,
    To wipe away our tears,
    And lift us when we fall.

    A loving friend indeed,
    On whom we can depend
    To fulfill our every need and
    I know you're still out there
    Living life with your kind of flair
    Standing with your face to the sun
    Picturing your time to come

    Many clouds have passed by
    Since we stood under the same sky
    Taking in the summer sights
    Howling at the city lights

    I still remember when we were young
    Pulling pranks just for fun
    Summer vacations were such a blast
    The kind of memories that will always last

    Growing up the future seemed like such a sure thing
    Thought we knew what it would bring
    True love, a family, a house in the hills
    Work hard, play hard and don't sweat the bills

    Never guessed things would change so much
    Thought our friends would never loose touch
    The stars seemed so clear from our domain
    I sure could handle some of those good times again

    Even if our dreams still seem far away
    Our friendship will be right here to stay
    Until we are both gone
    The road between us will never be too long
    Thank you, precious friend