• A little touch, a promise made
    A spinning head, a pounding heart
    You say our love will never fade
    But what if it tears us apart?
    You’re so sure our love will hold
    You’re ready to fight for me, again
    But what if someday our hearts grow cold?
    Are you so sure that we will win?
    And what is this love
    That you hold so dear
    Called a gift from God above
    But I don’t know if he is real
    You say you love me
    But how are you so sure?
    I wish you’d let my heart fly free
    And let we are, become we were
    I’m addicted to you
    Your smile, your eyes
    But what I say is not all true
    “I love you” is just a disguise
    And now I’m spinning
    Falling down
    I think your words are winning
    For when I scream it has no sound
    And though my heart keeps beating
    It’s broken, shattered, cast to the wind
    And times of joy are fleeting
    So let the poisoned dance begin
    For love is in the gestures
    The kisses, the way we feel
    To me it seems a giant blur
    But I guess you’re sure our love is real

    And in the deepest part of night
    I hope with all my heart you’re right