• Sitting in my window,
    Looking up to you
    Sparkling like a diamond sea,
    But my heart feels so blue.

    But the sadness always in my life
    Starts flowing out of me;
    I see your face up in the stars,
    Looking down on me.

    I remember the good times
    That all had to pass;
    I remember the bad times that,
    Thankfully, didn’t last.

    I remember your smile,
    Like a beacon of light;
    You were always my comfort
    When nothing would go right.

    I remember your hugs,
    Warmer than the sun;
    No matter what I ever did,
    I was your little one.

    I see your face up in the stars,
    I feel the warmth and love;
    And suddenly I know the truth.
    You’re watching up above.

    Comfort wraps around me,
    I smile deep inside.
    I duck into my bedroom,
    And on my bed I lie.

    I think of all my memories
    Of times that have gone by.
    I will always remember you,
    But now I’ve said goodbye.