• I'm sorry I pushed you, I'm sorry I shoved,
    but all I truly wanted was to be loved,
    I love you way more than you could ever know,
    but I was stupid, and didn't let it show,
    my love was strong, but I don't want it to be seen,
    so I ended up hurting you and being mean,
    I just wish there was a way to take it all back,
    I bet you think caring is a trait that I lack,
    but now I stand in the pouring rain, heartbroken,
    regreting all the words that were not spoken,
    now I wonder if it was all just a lie,
    this realization is making me cry,
    was this all just a sick, twisted game?
    now I wonder if I'll ever be the same,
    Lloyd why did you do this to me?
    I'm so confused right now that I can hardly see,
    right now I'm standing on a ledge,
    and I'm close to stepping off the edge,
    you were the one who kept me sane,
    but now you're gone and I'm left in pain,
    goodbye Lloyd, I hope you had fun breaking my heart,
    because now it's destroyed and torn all apart.