• My love
    I am
    deeply,and terrribly

    I fought
    with all my power,
    and willpower.

    But I
    failed you,
    although I fought
    with all my might,
    and surpassed all my limits,
    the devil still took you from me.

    The devil
    you are the heart
    of all evil,you have tainted
    the human race with the
    ruinous infection specified as sin.

    You have
    ultimately caused
    every affliction in my
    life,and death,you caused me
    to forsake God,and still you
    took my love from me,my first
    happiness in what feels like an eternity.

    Never again shall you
    strike terror within my soul!
    I am God's servent now,
    and He won't allow you to
    harm me!

    God hates
    all evil,as do I,
    and you are a
    monster of pure evil,
    and I hate you.

    My hatred
    toward you has sparked
    an ever-burning power and
    conviction to fight you,even
    now as I write this the
    intense flames of my hatred
    burn all the air in my lungs,
    as I consider the thrill of
    killing you,the heart of all

    And so
    I declare to
    God and His holy Heaven.
    "I hate you Satin!"

    I love you,
    and thank you,
    for everything.