• It's four in the morning
    And I'm kinda getting bored and
    I figure I'd write for a bit
    Take the digits for a tour, man
    I don't really know what's been happening to me
    For a day I've been filled with this new kinda beat
    And I say I kinda like what I'm starting see
    That maybe every word isn't always what it seems
    There's a breakneck, sorta like a Quick Check speed
    That can fill in, sort of like a million needs
    That I demand
    Waiting for the poet in me
    To take a stand
    To satisfy the people waiting beneath
    Below the stage
    And the band starts play
    With a rage
    And I can't make them stay
    So we play
    Never let the music fade
    And we play
    And we play
    And we play
    And we play

    And we're golden
    Never stop the music from flowing
    Even if we're poor and broke, we will always be growing
    Packed up our s**t and we go to the next bar
    Jacked up our s**t with some Rum and a Rockstar

    And that's it
    I feel it's right to end it here
    I know it's pretty short, but I sorta fear
    That if I keep on writing,
    the words won't fit right in
    Like they should
    When I want to reel the night in
    On a positive note
    My prerogative won't
    Allow me to make mistakes I should have never wrote
    And with that I will leave you
    Though I've never even seen you
    Just don't forget to listen to the music within you