• I saw someone today,
    and they toke my breath away.
    I saw in her many things,
    that most people did not see.

    I saw an experienced woman,
    and a naive child.
    I saw the pain of many years,
    and joy beyond belief.
    I saw someone loved by all,
    and hated by most.
    I saw a person I love with all my heart,
    and I hated with all my soul.
    I saw courage beyond compare,
    and more fear than I have ever seen.
    I saw someone with a loud voice,
    and who could not speak a word.
    I saw the intelligences of a genius,
    and the stupidity of the brain dead.
    I saw determination that would never fail,
    and a quitter who never finished.
    I saw potential that will never be matched,
    and no initiative what so ever.
    I saw the heart of a warrior,
    and the mind of a prisoner.
    I saw creativity no one would believe,
    and a bland talentless soul.
    I saw someone who will fight for anything,
    and who will hide from everything.
    I saw someone who speaks there mind,
    and who knew not what that meant.
    I saw someone who was always them self,
    and did not know who that was.
    I saw someone with all the hope in the world,
    and not a dream left alive.

    She stared at me with pity in her eyes,
    and a smile on her face.
    I walked away,
    and didn't look back.