• I feel it,
    oozing and black,bubbling inside me,
    rising up inside like a beast,
    a sickness so evil,
    I fight it but I know that soon,
    I will become a hateful monster,
    the tears slide down my face,
    but only because I am happy,
    I still have time left,
    a small light slowly shrinking,
    but it is still there,
    and I cherish it,
    even as that evil feeling slowly takes over,
    I still see my light,
    and I will always do my best to fight that evil thing,
    and those dark thoughts,
    even as it slowly leaves me I still feel the light,
    the light that my friends give me,
    but now that light is gone and everything is dark inside,
    but I remember,
    that warm feeling,
    and that bright light,
    do you have a light,
    or are you dark like me,
    if you are
    find a light and get that shining feeling back,
    I will find a light,
    and so will you,
    never lose that hope