• I felt your heart beating,
    and i could tell you were about to die.
    I know i can help you,
    but should i even try?

    You ripped my heart out,
    and crushed it in the dust.
    You stomped on it and stomped on it,
    and said tht you must.

    I love the way tht you were,
    i love the way tht you are.
    But should i even feel this way
    since i only see and talk to you from afar.

    You said tht you hated me,
    and didnt care for me.
    But i will never hate you,
    and i want you to be free.

    I want you to just stay away,
    and never see your face.
    But no matter how hard i try,
    it feels like my heart is losing a race.

    I could feel your heart stop,
    and i thought it couldnt be true.
    Before you were gone,
    i leaned down and whispered," I Luv You".

    Thats when i woke up,
    and yelled out your name.
    And thts when i realized,
    I will never be the same.