• time to take another risk
    once again your fail is my victory
    if can take another chance
    i'd tear these walls striaght down.

    you plumet forward
    to take my heart
    the heart you thoguht was mine
    the heart i lost
    on a quest to find me.

    i stray the streets
    to hide from whats right
    and yet you still follow me.

    you lose everything on the way
    taking every path i take
    doing eveything you can to find me
    to help me find my heart.

    i look to the sky for help
    rain drowns my sight
    stars fade away from sight
    will i remember what i once felt?

    if no one will listen
    then you will stand at the top of every mountain
    no peak to high
    no weather too harsh.

    youv lost everything you once had
    but gained something on the way,

    can i keep you?