• Pick up whats left
    Of your broken heart,
    I don't care that it's broken
    I've ripped it apart.

    Scream all you want
    No one can hear,
    No one else to help you
    But i'll always be here.

    I've helped you a lot
    Over the years.
    I dealt with the pain
    That you couldn't bear.

    You may not have known it
    But now you do.
    You know who I am
    And that I love you.

    Face the mirror,
    Look in my eyes
    I'm where the spark
    Now resides.
    The spark you lost
    Long ago,
    It's safe with me.
    I'll never lose hope.

    I care too much
    To let you get hurt.
    You'll never feel lonely
    You'll always come first.