• Hell's Bells are ringing of certain death
    It stalks you now
    This could be your last breath

    "No, not me!" you cry
    You tremble you're so afraid
    But if not you, then who in your place shall die?

    Would you prefer it be your mother?
    It could be someone else,
    It could be your lover.

    Who would it hurt least to lose?
    Decide now, in your selfish greed,
    Or are you too afraid to choose?

    I could take some wandering drunkard,
    And let you go, you know,
    With nothing but a word whispered.

    It doesn't matter anyway.
    How much longer would you live?
    Year? Months? A day?

    Even if, if you lived to be old and wrinkled,
    Is that how you would want to die?
    Pained and crippled?

    Yes, now you begin to see
    It is your time,
    You must come with me.