• I look up into your face
    With eyes so innocent
    And a mouth so sweet.
    You've the aura of an angel,
    And for that I greedily love you.
    A tear forming in your eye
    As you stare into mine.
    I ask you "why?".
    You tell me it will break me.
    You couldn't bare for me to know,
    You couldn't bare for me not to.
    What have you done?
    Your face is red,
    Your eyes brimming with tears
    That are streaming down your face.
    I put my arms around you,
    I tell you it will be okay.
    I love you, and that will never change.
    "Sorry", the word you repeat
    In your heartfelt way.
    You tremble in my embrace,
    But I shall forgive you
    And love you,